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telenetwifree is not working anymore after they updated their certificat can you look in to it and provide an updated ?

The current certificate technically expired on 23-03-2019. This certificate was contributed by a user whom, previously successfully connected to the telenetwifree from a MAC book and retrieving the certificate in his MAC book and sent to us. Howerver, the certificate is no required by Telenet. 

  1. When ezhotspot is newly powered, check date and time is current on the Advanced Dashboard --> Status --> Local Time.
    (On firmware version 4.48 / 5.71 & newer, you may be prompted to sync the ezhotspot time before joining). If not;

  2. Go to System --> System Properties and click on SYNC WITH BROWSER. If not;

  3. Connect ezhotspot to a normal network with internet access. After 5 minutues, the ezhotspot's date is automatically updated to present.

  4. Go back Ezwizard menu, Use scan all networks for TELENETWIFREE

  5. When prompted, use PEAP for EAP-Method; use MSCHAPV2 for Authentication

  6. Do NOT use in the Client Cert field. 



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