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Note: For EZ511-V5 only

By default, the V5 will automatically join and repeat to a broadcasted SSID of the same name on the 2.4Ghz. If you want to disable this action and only join and repeat on the 5Ghz, while the 2.4Ghz only serves as a private access point, kindly follow this tutorial.


01. Go to   Advanced Dashboard   -->   Network   -->   Hotspot-Wifi  .

A. Locate EzWifi (radio 1) and the interface with mode:client as shown below.

B. Click ont the   EDIT   button


02. Under the   General Setup   tab, go to Mode and select Monitor as hown below.


03. Scroll down and click on   SAVE & APPLY   for configuration to take effect.


To undo this action, follow STEP  01  and Locate EzWifi (radio 1) and the interface with mode:monitor. In STEP  02  , apply mode:client  and   SAVE & APPLY  .