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 This informational menu indicates the current status of the WAN port.
For example: Below shows no LAN cable is connected.


When a network cable is plugged from your existing ADSL/Cable/Fiber Modem to the Blue WAN port of the Ezhotspot Extender, the Ezhotspot Extender becomes a Wireless Router.


What is the difference between a wireless access point and wireless router?

When do I use the WAN port?

In a location when you have a permanent internet access from an existing home router, you can plug a network cable to the WAN port to use the following features of the Ezhotspot Extender : -

  • More WiFi signal coverage than your existing home router.
  • Use  OpenVPN Client  to hide your home's router IP address.
  • Use the  Block Management  to block advertisetments or filter websites by names.
  • Use the  WiFi QR Code  to share your wireless network to visiting friends easily without revealing wireless key
  • Use the  Statistics  to monitor your internet usage by hours,days and months (V5 only)
  • Use the  USB FIle Storage  to share your files accross the devices connected to the EZhotspot EXtender (V5 only)