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ReL 2019-12-20 (Scheduled)

  • Revised Wireless scan results in (best to worst) descending order
  • Revised Trigger captive portal by checking in to
  • Fixed UI bugs
  • Improved response time on mobile browsers
  • Added LED control (Disable/Enable) in EZwizard menu
  • Added SQM (Smart Queue Management) for reducing bufferbloats
  • Added SpeedBoost4WAN to allow WAN<--->LAN throughput to achieve over 700Mbps/s
  • Added Statistics for registering internet usage on the WAN, Wireless or USB interfaces
  • Added Reduce Youtube Ads (Experimental)

To upgrade to 5.71 manually, there is ONE additional step required.

  1. Click on the download button below to download the 5.71 firmware below to your laptop or computer.

  2. Power on the EZ device.

  3. Ensure EZ device has internet from WAN, wireless or the USB port, and go to Ezwizard menu and ensure the Earth logo on the EZ menu is green.

  4. Copy or type the following URL into your browser and press enter .

  5. Your EZ device will reboot once. (Depending on your browser, it may prompt a message before rebooting.)

  6. When the EZ device starts to broadcast the SSID. Connect to EZ device and now, you can go to the OTA firmware upgrade Menu to manually upload and flash the device to latest firmware.

Note: without Step 4, the EZ device will not accept the 5.71 firmware

download 5.71