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 When the EZhotspot Extender is not repeating another wireless signal, the local wireless channel can be configured accordingly by clicking on the Smart AP detection menu.

 The Smart AP selection will assist you to locate the best wireless channel by performing a wireless scan and presenting the possibilities in a graphical menu.

  Remote wireless detected on the wireless channel

The detected wireless signal noise on the wireless channel.

Based on a arbitrary value of 70.

  Little/No routers detected.
  A few routers detected.
  Many routers detected.

Note: For 2.4Ghz, it is important to select only  channel 1, 6 or 11 for optimal performance. These are non-overlapping channels

Note: For 5Ghz, it is important to select only 36, 40, 44 or 48 for optimal performance. These are non-DFS channels which are not subject to Radar Avoidance

For example: In the below detection, Channel 1 is the most preferred as there are only 5 other wireless detected with a 36/70 signal noise as compared to channel 6 or channel 11

Click on the desired channel button to use that channel.